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Welcome to FoodKnowHow Bookshop
Welcome to FoodKnowHow, the global Know-How-portal for the entire food industry.

Here you will find spezialized books, a big part of which are in English.

For over 15 years, we have regularly been exhibiting at the following international trade fairs of the food and drink industry. Thus we know from experience and many conversations with experts from all over the world, exactly which specialized books are being required.

Anuga – The world΄s leading food fair for the retail trade, the food service, catering market and food to go; every two years in Cologne

Anuga FoodTec – The international trade fair for food and drink technology; every tree years in Cologne

Drinktec – World fair for beverage and liquid food technology; every four years in Munich

iba – World market for baking, every three years in Munich

IFFA – The No. 1 for the meat industry; every three years in Frankfurt on Main

Institute of Food Science and Technology, Louise Manning

Food and Drink - Good Manufacturing Practice
A Guide to its Responsible Management (GMP6)

English, hardcover, 278 pages
John Wiley & Sons
€ 108,50

De, Sirshendu / Mondal, Sourav / Banerjee, Suvrajit

Technology, Applications and Health

English, hardcover, 240 pages
John Wiley & Sons
€ 142,15

de Jong, Peter (Ed.)

Sustainable Dairy Production
1. Auflage März 2013

English, hardcover, 280 pages
John Wiley & Sons
€ 142,15

Food - Die ganze Welt der Lebensmittel
27,2 cm x 36,5 cm

German, hardcover, 368 pages
Gräfe und Unzer/ Teubner
€ 93,36

Ulrich Schobinger (Hrsg.)

Frucht- und Gemüsesäfte

German, hardcover, 651 pages
€ 111,21

Margot Skinner, Denise Hunter (Eds)

Bioactives in Fruit
Health Benefits and Functional Foods

English, hardcover, 542 pages
John Wiley & Sons
€ 142,15

Emmanuel Ohene Afoakwa

Cocoa Production and Processing Technology
February 21, 2014

English, hardcover, 374 pages
CRC Press
€ 98,20

Victor Falguera, Albert Ibarz (Eds.)

Juice Processing: Quality, Safety and Value-Added Opportunities
Series: Contemporary Food Engineering

English, hardcover, 401 pages
CRC Press
€ 109,23

Peter Klosse

The Essence of Gastronomy
Understanding the Flavor of Foods and Beverages

English, hardcover, 352 pages
CRC Press
€ 43,02

Jian Chen, Yang Zhu (Eds.)

Solid State Fermentation for Foods and Beverages
Series: Fermented Foods and Beverages Series

English, hardcover, 408 pages
CRC Press
€ 125,78

M Griffiths (Ed.)

Improving the safety and quality of milk
Milk production and processing (Volume 1)

English, hardcover, 520 pages
Woodhead Publishing
€ 215,00

V. Preedy (Ed.)

Processing and Impact on Antioxidants in Beverages
1st Edition, Apr 2014

English, hardcover, 336 pages
Academic Press
€ 96,53

N. Farmer (Ed.)

Trends in Packaging of Food, Beverages and Other Fast-Moving Consumer Goods
1st Edition, Feb 2013

English, hardcover, 344 pages
Woodhead Publishing
€ 153,00

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